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DC Window Tinting uses some of the highest quality films on the market and backs them with both our lifetime warranty and our manufacturer's guarantee.
Window Tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and can prevent damage to skin, car/home interiors and premature fading of furnature. Tint is vital to keeping your family both safe and cool in the summer months as well as provide privacy and security year round!
Automotive Tinting
We offer Charcoal Standard, Carbon series, High Performance and Nano-Ceramic window films from a range of brands to suit your needs and budget. Most films come with a free lifetime warranty! We have the best prices in town and offer fast quality turnaround time!
***State law for tint is 24% in WA State on most vehicles
Anti-graffiti film is a clear, transparent shield with a scratch resistant coating that protects the underlying surface from intentional damage.  Acting as a sacrificial barrier, anti-graffiti films are sufficiently strong enough to bear the brunt of deliberate etching or acid attack and are optically pure so attackers believe they are in fact damaging the glass surface.Anti-graffiti films will adhere to most non-porous surfaces such as:
  • Glass; windows and partitions
  • Lexan; panels and partitions
  • Stainless steel; walls, lift linings and panels
  • Marble; walls and structures

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