DC Window Tinting - Offering Quality Products and Service to the North Sound
Licensed Automotive, Marine, Home and Commercial Window Tinting
Serving Everett, Marysville and Arlington since 2006 with Window Tint and Aftermarket Installs.
We look forward to serving you and adding an elegant look to your car truck or SUV. We have 3 levels of window tint to suit both your budget as well as appearance for your vehicle.
State law for tint is 24% in WA State.
Window Tint Starting at $60!
123rd pl ne Marysville Wa
Please call after noon for an appointment. No walk-ins
425 923 0260
OPEN 7 Days a Week!
Appointment only
M-F 2-8pm
Weekends 10am-6pm
Automotive Tinting
Residential  And Commercial  Tinting
Tail Light Tinting
(Spray and Buff)
  • Performance undercoatings to remove and eliminate rust and protect your car from harmful road salts and corrosive chemicals found on the roads here in Washington
  • Headlight Restorations- we sand, buff and clearcoat your headlights to be rid of foggy yellow looking lenses for good. UV coatings add the best most long lasting results!
  • Paint protection films -restrictions apply
  • Detailing and scratch removal
Our Window Films we offer are:
Standard series films are a 1 ply film. They are a low cost option with a 1 year warranty and easy on the budget.
WINTECH Carbon series - Carbon series 2ply films are our most common and most universal film; matching factory tinted glass almost perfect and also offering a lifetime, color stablility with good heat rejection properties and no radio/GPS interference.
AEGIS Neutral HP (ADN) -This film is 2 ply, color stable (will never fade or turn purple) and is a metalized film with great scratch resistance and heat rejection. This film is great for all vehicles and is priced slightly higher than our other films for it's strength and longevity.
Anti-graffiti film is a clear, transparent shield with a scratch resistant coating that protects the underlying surface from intentional damage.  Acting as a sacrificial barrier, anti-graffiti films are sufficiently strong enough to bear the brunt of deliberate etching or acid attack and are optically pure so attackers believe they are in fact damaging the glass surface.Anti-graffiti films will adhere to most non-porous surfaces such as:
  • Glass; windows and partitions
  • Perspex; panels and partitions
  • Stainless steel; walls, lift linings and panels
  • Marble; walls and structures
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